The most trending bathroom design ideas

We would like to explore some of the most intriguing bathroom design trends lately. The followalk in showerwing are some of the bathroom design trends that are in demand by most homeowners.
• Large Walk-In Showers
Showering is the current trend and everyone lately wants to take a big shower. Homeowners are shying away from bathtubs, after all, who needs a bathtub when you can take a shower! Without a bathtub the bathroom is left with lots of space for installing a large shower. What people are looking for is a more open feeling in the shower space. This trend has been embraced by installing walk-in showers or door-less showers which have improved accessibility especially for the elderly.
• Bathtub Free
The popularity of bathtubs has declined and so has the demand. Perhaps it is because everyone is going green and want to save water through showers instead of tubs. According Charlotte house cleaning  maybe people just got busier and want something that blends with their busy lifestyles. According to some people bathtubs are simply too expensive and they simply can’t afford it. Most building contractors say homeowners are doing away with the bathtub and prefer showers instead.
• Free-Standing Bathtubs
However, some people still hold on to the bath tub. The most popular choice for bathtub lovers is the free-standing bathtub that saves space. Some creative tub options include soaking and spa jet tubs.
Metallic Fixtures
Metallic bathroom fixtures are available in a variety of intriguing colors and finishes. Some of the most desired bathroom fixtures include chrome, oil rubbed nickel, bronze, brass and copper. Stainless steel is still a great option for those who wish to play it safe. However it less interesting than the other options.
• Detachable shower heads
It is a great experience to be able to direct the water jets as you please and the detachable shower heads are a perfect option.
• Water Efficient Toiletsmodern bathroom
To conserve water homeowners now demand water saving toilets such as the dual flow or low flow toilets.
• Modern Faucets
Technologically advanced bathroom faucets with sensors are now found even in homes.
Double Basins
For shared master bathrooms double sink vanities are currently the trend. The rest of the family can also have a double basin for their bathroom.
• Heated Floors
Cold bathroom tiles during winter are not welcoming at all that is why heated floors are the latest trend for perfect winter shower experience.
• Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
The use of LED lighting in the bathroom for lighting is the trend for lighting under cabinets and other task areas.
These are some of the trending bathroom ideas you should consider this year for your bathroom remodel or new bathroom for the perfect bathroom ambiance and shower experience.